Want more Worlds Collide? The Deluxe and Super Deluxe editions are up for grads for Pre-orders Right Now on Back at April, Archie Comics have plans to make the entire Worlds Collide Story arc in under one single hardcover book, and it has revealed
WC Deluxe Edition Cover

May (not) be the official Cover as of now.

been reveal since around April of this month according to Publishers Weekly. However, here's some more. Not only will there be a Deluxe Edition but also a limited edition Super Deluxe Edition as well. We don't know whats included but we do know that it's up for grads on pre-orders (as mentioned earlier) and it will be on sale on November 25, 2014. Deluxe will cost you at US$49.99* and the Super Deluxe will be at US$79.99*. You can pre-order them by clicking on the links below and keep it locked at BBCW for the latest.

* NOTE: Original Price. Please note that it has since cost a little cheaper at US$37.99 for Deluxe and US$60.97 on Amazon as of 6.5.2014 but expect them to change.