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This is NOS Sterling, the head administrator of Blue Bomber Comics Wiki. As of right now, BlueSpeeder, the founder of this wiki is now retired though he will take some limited operations here at BBCW. Currently, I will operate all of the operations here at BBCW starting today, September 23, 2014. Meaning, that everything that this wiki operates, including from our Twitter, to the pages, and everything in between, will now be in my hands from now on until I find a admin who will also help me and others at BBCW. I'm still happy to keep it up running but also, if I wasn't there for you, we would have cause this wiki to go into adoption, which would be an issue for anyone who won't be able to maintain it in a fine manner that will make it well for the wiki to live. Despite having a lot of things that I'm really busy, I will be a bit semi-active for the long term as I'm getting ready for me to go to College. This doesn't mean I'll not be here. I'll try to most of the articles for the issues complete by the beginning of 2015 but I understand, all others will take time, effort, and help from others that anyone may need.

In addition, I will beef up the wiki by bringing up newer things, including adding ideas to make BBCW a useful wiki and much more soon. I know there's things we have to take care of the things we can't control at School or what we want to do in the foreseeable future but we do can do our best to make originally make articles that gives the more reliable information about the Blue Bomber and his Archie Mega Man World within its reach. As of now, I would like to thank BlueSpeeder for the hard work and dedication of this wiki and I now take control for him and to make it a great wiki for everyone here. And from people just like you, we can make it a better place for all of us to bring great valuable and original infomation that can be ideal to make it perfect for all of the Archie Mega Man Fans to call it home.

It won't be easy, but again, I'll promise to fulfill what BlueSpeeder does for me. And again, thanks for your support.

NOS Sterling

Blue Bomber Comics Wiki Head Admin.