I really need to say this but I really want to apologize on the major amount of inactivity that I'm having, I'm in college, like literally, but I'm planning to resume work by the Holidays since I'm really need to work on college work. I'll still be able to do some things such as work on updates for the latest Mega Man Comics until the final issue comes out this November. For those who don't know, on break, I'll be able to:

  • Work on the content, including the other things that will come up.
  • Continue to reply on messages
  • Catch up as Mega Man "hibernates" (you know, that is, when he's in a Hiatus).

That last part is a great opportunity. As of now, we're the only one that focuses exclusively to BBCW but we still got a lot of work to do.

In the meanwhile, feel free to help out on the wiki, let me know if there's anything but be aware that my replies are VERY slow. Hope this is understandable and so will be the situation that I'm facing but thank you for your understanding.

P.S., In case you're wondering about that issue that was in the Chatroom stats, Sadly, Myself and hundreds of wikia admins and bureaucrats cannot edit it but please bear with me, I'll ask wikia to fix it up as soon as I can. Be advised that wikia staff are the only ones that can do this.