As the intensity grows, so does the aniticpaciton to see what's next. Capcom Unity (and just recently, Comicosity) has just gotten the first few pages for the upcoming Mega Man Issue #39 which will be released by Wedesday, July 16, 2014. Currently, it's gonna be released just in time unlike the last two that were delayed by a week except for most Archie Comics Subscribers. And for one of you who just want to see on those pages, go ahead and take a peek.

As of always, that'll all we have but expect more soon. At the moment, Mega Man was able to find a way to trap a Wily Walker, which is one of Dr. Wily's creations as begin to fight against it. And as part of it, Dr Light and others are trying to see what they must do with the Robot Masters while Zero and the Maverick Hunters fight against some Mavericks. Don't forget to check back later for more updates on the Mega Man comic series form Archie so keep it locked to Blue Bomber Comics for the latest.