Are you're ready? The most anticipating cross-over story arc is coming... Although we sadly gotten a delayed release, again (it was intended to be released yesterday on May 21, 2014 but Capcom Unity announced that it will be released by next Wednesday), we gotten at least some preview pages to grab a sneak peak on the first part of Dawn of X Story arc. So is your body ready for this?

And If you are... Take a look.

So the first bits of these pages explain on Mega Man X along with Zero stopping some suspects from killing someone while Mega Man along with the Robot Master's searches and discoveries on knowing about the humans and robots as they set foot into a Pyramid that is possibly defended by Dr. Wily. That's all as of now, but expect this one to be a very good one to read, especially for you Mega Man and Mega Man X fans who have been thrilled to see this. Again, we apologize for the delay, it has been delayed to May 28, 2014 though some people like the Wiki's founder, @BlueSpeeder98, was able to get the copy earlier and possibly on time. Again, 5.28.14 is the day that Mega Man Issue #37 will be released on Comic Stores and online at Google Play, Archie Comic's Website, and on Comixology. Also, we may have to update this page if possible if more pages are shown. And as always, keep it locked here for the latest on the Mega Man comics and more.

UPDATE (5:03 PM EDT;  5.23.14): BlueSpeeder has just told me that those are pages four and five and they are not the first two pages. We don't have pages one to three but expect the preview for them around next week.

UDATE (5:44 PM EDT): Comic Allience has just given a preview of the first three pages. We have just uploaded them and we have gotten the complete look on the first five pages.