UPDATE (June 24th): We got more pages for this. Comiocity got a full preview and we'll show it to you now.

With Issue one gone up, we're going to our next issue of Mega Man, Issue 38. Capcom Unity has just recently gotten the first few pages (only pages 1 and 3) as we get towards part two of the anticipating Dawn of X story arc with Mega Man X and others from 21XX. Although most of you who subscribed to Archie might have gotten this issue early, most of ya just want to wait until the previews come up so you can see a slice on the upcoming issue. We only got a few bits of Issue 38, here's a taste on what you'll see on the upcoming issue of Mega Man.

At this moment, X is talking with Dr. Cain some discoveries that could lead to finding the original Mega Man, or Rock but as they pick up a piece, it awakens that would begin attacking the Reploids. Again, Mega Man #38 will be released on 6.25.2014 online and at comic stores everywhere, though most people are able to get it earlier if you subscribe to Archie Comics (if you didn't, better check your mail if it didn't came). A friendly note, this is not the complete preview but we will update whenever more pages are up but until then, keep it locked to Blue Bomber Comics Wiki for the latest on the Mega Man Comics and more and don't forget to follow us on twitter @BBCWNews!