Mega Man's 50th Issue will soon coincide with a short story within the Worlds Unite story arc and crossover, named Worlds Unite Battles. This time, we're starting with Mega Man (Sonic's side will be next up on July). For those who don't know about this, Worlds Unite Battles is a short limited series that talks about the battles that comes in on both Mega Man and Sonic's point of view in terms of the characters that the franchises hold. In this issue, you'll soon be seeing Mega Man about to fight off with the Characters from Sonic Lost World, along with the Maverick Hunters fighting off against the Vile plus, Sonic Man against the Robot Masters.

You'll see a lot more on what's about to end up when it hits the Comic Book Stores on June 17, 2015. Also, keep it locked to Blue Bomber Comics Wiki and on our Twitter feeds as we're about to wait for the previews on Mega Man's 50th Issue which also comes out on June 17.