We had a lot of questions about the hiatus, but this will be discussed after this preview for Sonic Universe #77...

Yesterday, Comics Alliance gave out a preview on the beginning of the 2nd part of the anticipative crossover, Sonic Universe Issue 77 (which is Part 5 of Worlds Unite). Mega Man and Sonic are back to normal but with the world united by Sigma, both sides have to see what they'll have to do to fight back against their enemies. The preview on the next issue is shown below.

Sonic Universe #77 will be released this Wednesday, July 24, 2015.

Also, Comics Alliance also talked with the editor, Vincent Lovallo, on the Mega Man Hiatus. The editor claims that they have to go to the hiatus because to go eventually work on the stories for future Mega Man issues however this is something they have been working on for less than a month. They also have "sorting things out" to make see how they'll like it, including how the story arcs and how it'll be arraigned. More on that will come in the upcoming months (probably in 2016). You'll find more on it plus an overview from a recap from Mega Man's 50th Issue here (Contains Spoilers).