With Part One out in the streets, Part Two of Worlds Unite is up next. I hope most of you like the first part but there next one gets interesting as the mash up begins to kick in with Sonic Boom and Mega Man X meeting them for the first time. So, here's your first bits of what you'll soon be seeing.

Also, Comic Alliance talked with our New Editor, Vincent Lovallo, about Part 1 of Worlds Unite and some of the moments that were memorable from Part 1, but before you hit the link, Just a heads up that THEY ARE SPOILERS in that article so please, read it at your own risk (or don't read it at all until you read part 1). You can read their interview on it right here.

Don't forget, Sonic Boom #8, which is Part 2 of Worlds Unite, hits the stores on June 3rd, 2015!