Many of the comic enthusiasts are in San Diego Comic Con yet we're soo busy with a lot down there. Although the Archie Action panel is up this Sunday at 1 PM PDT to finish Archie Comics days at SDCC, you might wanna take a look at Mega Man #51 which will end the 2nd part of the Worlds Unite Crossover. They may have some fighting to go along with but the unity gets back to action as they starting begining fighting back against Sigma

Mega Man #51 hits the comic stores July 15, 2015.

P.S. Also, the new editor of Mega Man, Vincent Lovallo, still has no comment on the Mega Man Hiatus in a interview with Comics Alliance (which has since given exclusive rights to preview 11 of the 12 Worlds Unite Issues) in which he told them that its "kind of super secret right now." We don't know any word on it why they're doing this at all (at one time, they claimed it was because of story ideas to put up) but its not like what Sonic Boom did as they felt that Sonic Boom "might work better in certain places" and instead do it in other Sonic Comic releases as doing something like that wasn't a good idea for them (I don't want to go off topic but we'll stop it form there). Although there's a lot of questions on it, we don't know what's up with ti but we'll have to wait and see as we're getting closer to the Archie Action Panel which will happen this Sunday at 1 PM PDT (4 PM EDT; 8 PM UTC). I won't be a San Diego Comic Con, unfortunately, (I wish I could though), but I'll keep any eye from any tweets and stuff from it.

As usual, you can check up there interview here. (Contains Spoilers from StH #274)