From the Sonic and Mega Man-like cat hunters in Capcom's Monster Hunters to a battle in Sega's Billy Hatcher, there's a lot going on down at many of the company's game universes, it takes a team of two to get them done. And that's what is going on here at Sonic Boom Issue 10, part 10 of the Worlds Unite issue. As our heroes find the Unity Engine, they continue to stumble upon the other worlds to find the source. In thiss issue, Monster Hunters and Breath of Fire (both from Capcom) and SEGA's Billy Hatcher and Golden Axe are in the scene. Although we can't talk more what's inside the battles taking place (which is gonna take some time up), some previews on the first bits of it will be shown, so feel free to take a look.

This issue hits the comic book stores on July 29, 2015! Don't forget, there will be NO Archie Action issues the next Wednesday after the Sonic Boom #10 release (August 5), but there will be two more issues coming out on the next two Wednesdays after August 5.