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Hello, this is NOS Sterling. As you may or may not heard, we are now making some changes towards the BBCW Twitter username. Since this is just the beginning of what would be an very busy year with the new crossover, this will be our first changes that will come this year, and this is just a small change to our twitter. Starting on March 1, 2015 at 12 PM EST (5 PM UTC), @BBCWNews, which is out Twitter Newsfeed for this wiki, will soon be renamed to @BBCW_News. You may have seen my tweets about it yesterday but I'll explain some more information about small change

Why are we changing the BBCW Twitter username?

Good question. We are not required to change it, but we decided to do this because it may confuse the people who are searching for some of the BBC's Twitter Newsfeeds. This especially goes with twitter names that could match with the "BBCW" names such as BBC Weather, BBC Wales, and similar links to it. Some people may accidentally go to us, which may be odd but in this case, some may not be a good idea towards how our Twitter username is named. However, after some consideration, we decided to make that small minor change and that is to make a small change.

What will it mean to the followers and others?

  • If you follow us, there's no need to do anything. Once we make the new name change, you'll still get updates from the BBCW Twitter feeds.
  • If you have any @Replies, the links will still be linked to our new BBCW Twitter feed.
  • However, any mentions with @BBCWNews will end up as dead links.

But here's the one thing we'll continue to do... The only thing that we'll still continue to do is to offer the news on everything on the Archie Mega Man Comics.

That's all for the imporant update, but we'll still work hard to make it the best sources for everything on the Mega Man Comics form Archie.. That's all for now but until then, see ya.