Heading to San Diego next weekend? Archie Comics will be there, and we have a full plan of what Archie Comics are bringing in store for this year's SD Comic Con and it's gonna be a big one. We do have recently heard about Archie Andrew's Death (though we don't want to go off-topic here) but we do another panel with the Mega Man Comics along with Signings and a whole lot more. Shown below, we've gotten a list on what's going on at the SDCC this weekend

NOTE: Times are in PDT (UTC -7)


Firday, 7.25.2014

  • Archie Forever: Life, Afterlife, Beyond

Again, we don't want to talk about this here since this could go off-topic but basically, this will explain what will happen after Archie's death along with the story on it. It will happen at 1-2 PM PDT and there will be exclusive goodies bag worth of US$100. This will happen at Room 4.

Saturday, 7.26.2014

  • Archie Action Hour: Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man

Yes! Si! And Of course! Paul Kaminski (Archie Comics Executive Director of Editorial) along with Archie Comic President, Mike Pellerito along with Sonic the Hedgehog Comics artists, Jon Gray and Evan Stanley, will be talkin' about the action that is happening with Sonic and Mega Man along with news on it as well. It will last for an hour and it'll start at 1 PM EDT and end at 2 PM PDT at it'll take place at Room 32AB. Plus come to the panel with a free ticket and get some goodies of the good stuff that you'll be enjoying.


We won't be doing the Archie Andrews Stuff, (More info will be talked about on the Comicosity article link below) but here is some signature events that will happen.

Friday-Sunday (7.25-27.2014)

2-3PM PDT; Archie Action Signing: Sonic/Mega Man (With Evan Stanley and Jon Gray) at Booth #2812

Thursday-Sunday (7.24-27.2014)

4-5 PM PDT (Thursday-Saturday) and 11 AM - 12 PM PDT (Sunday): Mega Man Signings (With Paul Kaminski and Evan Stanley) at Booth #215

Comic Exclusives to buy

There will be 3 from Archie that is not from this Comic Series but this one shown below will be there.

MM 037 Convention Cover

Yes, the Convention Cover of Mega Man #37 (shown above) will be there and it will be available at US$5 and it will be sold at Booth #2842. Other than that, that's all of their plans. Although we won't be here, we hope you'll enjoy it.