This is a BBCW News Special Report and get ready Mega Man fanatics! ANOTHER MEGA MAN CROSSOVER IS COMING! Polygon has just revealed the new crossover: Worlds Unite which will hit the Comic Stores by 2015 and it will be talked about at the New York Comic Con this weekend (more details about it will be explained here...). Paul Kaminski, the executive editor at Archie Comics just told Polygon that

"When the worlds of Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man collided in the pages of Archie Action comics, readers, fans and retailers made it the biggest crossover event in Archie Action history, that historic crossover storyline changed the comic book worlds of Sega and Capcom's iconic video game characters forever, but now an even bigger event is on the horizon. You saw what happened when worlds collided, now see what happens when Words Unite! And this time, no universe will be safe..."

MM Sonic Worlds Unite Promo

Well, there is a lot think of, it'll come in the Spring of 2015 (pending any story arcs and or delays to come), with Ian Flynn to write down the story and SPAZ will do the artwork as well. We will find out some more in the Archie Action Power Hour at 1 PM EDT this Thursday, and we'll see what's its gonna come in this more expanding corssover. Until then, keep it locked to @BBCWNews and Blue Bomer Comics Wiki for continuing coverage of the New York Comic Con.