This is DLR Nexus, admin of Blue Bomber Comics Wiki. I wanted to make an important announcement regarding to me and this wiki. I'm in the middle of my Spring Semester, getting a Degree in IT, and with six weeks to go. I love Mega Man as much now, but unfortunately, I'm starting to lose interest in editing a wiki like this. I don't feel confident about moving on with this wiki and how I am will continue to work with this wiki for in the time being. I just have thoughts and worries that no one would be able to take over this wiki. After some thoughts, I have decided that I'll retire as Administrator and Bureaucrat here at Blue Bomber Comics Wiki in the foreseeable future. I cannot determine when I'll retire but it'll be announced later.

Also, I have announced that this wiki will go for adoption to anyone who is capable to carry on the Legacy to this wiki, if Possibile via a request to Wikia or if you want to ask me to join in. I can only give the keys to the wiki to only those who will be able to work with this wiki responsibility and carefully.

And let me be clear, I AM NOT LYING. This is NOT an April Fools Joke. I'm honest, and I'm really serious on this. I literately feel that I won't be able to work to work on this wiki for a long term as I'll be getting jobs and more. I will be happy to work as an advisor to those who can take care of it soon. If you have any important questions on running this wiki, please let me know.

If you want to adopt the wiki as a admin, please let me know and I'll evaluate you by your background and others and I'll be happy to let you take over it. Please be aware that all Mega Man fans who have the capability to run this wiki will be happy to work on it as long as you adhere with any rules. Thank you for the long and running support, and I'm hoping some day, it'll be better.