Are we all gonna miss Mega Man so much? T_T Of course, its been 4 great years with the Blue Bomber yet its about to close. Before I get into the previews, after so much confusion on the delays and stuff days ago, we did got word from that the final Pre-Hiatus Mega Man issue will be out on December 23 but we waited until Archie Comics confirms it. After some time, they have confirm that this issue will be out on December 23, 2015 as we speak though lets hope it won't get delayed.

Aside from that, we got the final preview pages of the final Mega Man issue before its hiatus. It is sad, yet we're still, we hadn't got any info on this reasons behind the hiatus and more... This one will have many characters beyond the Classic Mega Man and X series, but from ZX, Legends, and beyond, along with some stuff based off from Mega Man 4. And for one final time, here it is. (Be advised that two of the pages are in a disorganized order)

Lets hope it'll come back soon but yes its end will be out on December 23 and then its off for a while. We don't know what it'll be out but we'll still leave our night lights on for a hopeful answer if they'll give out a return.