As of Today, Wikia is no longer "Wikia". As of October 4, "Wikia" is now "Fandom - Powered by Wikia". Before this name change, Fandom was a news service to bring in the news on the pop culture that many of us know about, including Mega Man. The folks at Wikia Inc., its parent company, has decided to make the "Fandom" brand expanded to Wikia and towards wikis like this, to give out the info of the fandoms we know and love.

Of course, nothing will change for us, and so is our wiki. You can still access Blue Bomber Comics Wiki by the same URL name as you normally do, the name of this wiki (Which of course, will remain the same), and the such. Please note however that we are still part of the Fandom Network but we'll still be on what we are.

As for my retirement... Oh yes! I'll tell you more of this announcement soon ;) So hang in there. I'm a little busy with College but yeah.