Yes... Not Kidding. Its real. I'm back from the dead. I've been through a lot, College has been a pure insanity, but you know, I have decided to return to Blue Bomber Comics Wiki to finally make something. To get the Job done. As you may know, I decided to retire on April Fools Day (April 1, 2016) which wasn't really a joke because unfortenty, college has made me become extremly busy. However, as months goes buy, and with not a single contribution coming in, I've decided to make a decision to return to this Wiki to get the job done...

I'll not be as active as I'm usually am, but I'll do my best to come in at a usual time.. However, my heart felt different things upon me. I want to get back to it instead of abadoning it. While College in heart makes me feel hard to control time spend on places like this, I feel that I'm now confident to get things back together and hopefully, lend a hand.

I though of retiring but later on, I went on, deciciding that I need a break. But later on, I've decided to change my mind and take on a decision to return to my job. I'm hopeful for yor support, and soon, I hope one day, it can grow and thrive. While Mega Man's comic series is in limbo, the only way the wiki can thrive is by growing the knowledge of this wiki as much as we do.

Thanks for your support and sooner or later, we'll make it grow. ;) Hope to see you soon!

- DLR Nexus